Gluten-free portions are marked with a *. We use lactose-free dairy products. Our fish is MSC-certified.
URKKI BURGER Hamburger steak, smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, pickled cucumbers, Monterey Jack, French fries and coleslaw 19,00
FISH & CHIPS Deep fried cod, French fries and Tartar sauce. 17,00
CAESAR SALAD Choose your favourite: grilled chicken, goat cheese or crayfish. 19,00
SALAD WITH GOAT CHEESE Romesco sauce, melon, asparagus, sugar peas, broccolini, cauliflower, rucola and roasted seeds 19,00
SMOKED WHITEFISH SALAD * Fresh asparagus, sugar peas, cauliflower, cucumber, leek and fish roe 19,00
ST. URHO´S PLATE Hamburger steak, frankfurter, fried egg and French fries, salad. 20,00
ST. URHO´S STEAK * Tenderloin, veggies and fried potatoes. 29,00
FRIED LIVER Caramelized onion, lingonberries and mashed potatoes. 20,00
ST. URHO´S ARCTIC CHAR* Yoghurt sauce, veggies and fried potatoes 26,00
Sautéed Reindeer Mashed potatoes, lingonberries and pickled cucumber. 24,00
PORTOBELLO FILLED WITH VEGETABLES AND BARLEY sweet pepper sauce and parmesan 19,00


MARGHERITA tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil oil 13,50
POLLO chicken, blue cheese, pineapple 15,00
NEGRO salami, pineapple, jalopeño 15,50
QUATTRO ham, champignons, shrimp, kalamata olives 15,50
PARADISE ham, pineapple, shrimp, blue cheese 15,50
BOLO seasoned beef, marinated onion, champignons 15,50
RENNA smoked reindeer, blue cheese, champignons 16,50
MANALA fresh chili, chorizo, sweet pepper, marinated onion 17,50
VERDE green asparagus, feta, olives, Romesco, rucola 16,00
PESCO crayfish, smoked salmon and marinated onion 17,00
FANTASY 4 (choose 4 of your favourite toppings) 18,00
Extra toppings pineapple, blue cheese, feta, fresh chili, jalapeño, chicken, shrimp, ham, seasoned beef, olives, salami, smoked reindeer, marinated onion, fresh champignons, sweet pepper, rucola, crayfish, chorizo, smoked salmon, goat cheese, gorgonzola, basil oil, Romesco 2,50